Hara Castle

Hara Castle is a place that became the scene of about 400 years ago happened Shimabara-Amakusa Ikki (the Shimabara Rebellion).
Japan from here was a rush to the seclusion of the era.
Castle does not have any remnants that had been built, but it is because there was by the shogunate forces were afraid of Christianity, is thorough destruction.
Now, as one of the constituent assets of "Nagasaki Amakusa region of the latent Christian-related heritage", it has been visited by many tourists.
It can overlooking the Amakusa of the opposite side of the sea, is also recommended as the morning sun and the evening is a beautiful tourist spot.
Since the cage is also tourist guide to guide you through the original castle ruins, please use by all means.
Minamishimabara Minamiarima Otsu
Parking Lot
Located near the beach and Hara Castle Hot Springs Masago national highway 251 line
The nearest bus stop
Shimatetsu bus "Hara Castle before" bus stop



Arima Christian Memorial Heritage

Hara Castle is a land of "Shimabara-Amakusa riot" demise.
The, there was a history of decline and prosperity of Christian culture there.
Arima Christian Heritage Memorial is a configuration assets was registered in June World Cultural Heritage 2018 "Nagasaki Amakusa region of the latent Christian-related heritage", "Hara Castle" and is the residence of your lord of Arima "Hino for Kojoseki ", is a facility that will guide clarity.
Nagasaki Prefecture Minamishimabara is the town where Christian culture flourished.
From the first time of a Christian school "Arima Seminariyo" in Japan, Tensho YaO mission was over and to Rome.
In the Memorial, from the prosperity of the Christian culture, the history of Christianity has steadily been oppression decline in a style that is easy to understand.
There are exhibits such as an introduction to video and excavation unearthed parts of history, will guide you while explaining the staff of the Memorial to the desired person.
Name of facility
General: 300 yen (150 yen)
High school students: 200 yen (100 yen)
Elementary and junior high school students: 150 yen (70 yen)
[Organization] ※ 20 or more people
General: 250 yen (120 yen)
High school students: 150 yen (70 yen)
Elementary and junior high school students: 100 yen (50 yen)

※ handicapped notebook, nursing notebook and mental patient health welfare notebook owner is the amount of the write ().
Facility Address
Yubinbango859-2412 Minamishimabara Minamiarima Otsu 1395
business hours
Regular holiday
Thursday, year-end and New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3)
Parking Lot
Ordinary car four and medium-sized bus two ※ Coach parking allowed in the parking lot of the complex
The nearest bus stop
Shimatetsu bus "Minamiarima government building before" bus stop


Tanimizu rice terraces


In the plains of the few Minamiarima district, paddy cultivation to build a stone wall it has been made in order to effectively utilize the narrow arable land.
Spring to autumn from potato summer you show me the figure of seasons rice and four seasons.
Ariake Sea vista overlooking the early summer and autumn from hills Among them is great.


Hara Castle Marathon


Hara Castle Marathon is running around Harajo that final venue of [Shimabara no ran] place fill of history and roman.


Kazusa Dolphin Watching


Aboard the ship is inspiring experience to go to see wild dolphins. The number of living is about 300 animals, established to meet the dolphins is 99%!
Because dolphins have settled, it can be a year-round dolphin watching. Since the size of rich life jackets equipped, small children is also safe.


Kuchinotsu cruise ship companies union


Dolphin watching in the southernmost cape of the town of Shimabara Peninsula Kuchinotsu. Exciting inspiring experience, is the best. Family everyone Come you to play.


Nodahama beaches


With about two kilometers across the white sand beaches, you can enjoy the old-fashioned beautiful of Japan's beach landscape.
※ opened as 2018 - beaches will not be performed.


Hinoe castle ruins


Castle ruins of Harunobu Arima Christian was a lord of the era.
Harunobu was installed for the first time in Europe of secondary education institutions "Arima Seminariyo" in Japan.
※ Seminariyo → Christian school. It corresponds to the junior high school referred to in the current.


For the other Information, Please visit this site
「Minamishimabara City Tourist Association」

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